Drive Growth and Attract New Patients

Unlock the Secrets to Predictable Patient Flow with the Dental Marketing Goat Podcast.

Dedicated to discussing proven dental marketing strategies that consistently attract new patients to your practice.

Provides valuable insights and actionable tips for both solo practitioners and larger dental groups looking to grow their practice.

Listeners can tune in to learn about the latest trends and techniques in dental marketing and how to use them to drive predictable, sustained growth for their business.

Gary Bird


Meet Your Host

Gary is the founder and Managing Partner of SMC. He has the responsibility of attracting new patients for DSOs and dental groups. Additionally, he hosts four podcasts that cover various topics related to the dental industry. “Dental Marketing Goat” provides practical marketing advice, while “Full Arch Advantage Podcast” focuses on how to close more full arch cases. “Dental Rift” is a weekly show that discusses current trends in the dental industry, and “Dental Marketing Theory” features weekly interviews with top dental executives and entrepreneurs, providing valuable insights into the latest industry trends.

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