Mehul Patel, CEO of Pure Dental Spa, talks with Gary about how to launch a successful de novo, how SMC helped his team double their lead conversion rate, and how building the right systems is the key to growing a dental group.
Dr. Grace H. Lee, founder and CEO of Lakeview Smiles, talks with Gary about why she fired and re-hired SMC as her marketing partner, how her team schedules 70-80 percent of all new patient contacts, and why trackable.io is a marketing cheat code for dentists.
Dr. Bill Dorfman, founder of the LEAP Foundation and one of the best-known dentists on the planet, talks with Gary about why young dentists need to understand PR and how you can find success by copying genius.
Sudha Vetri, founder and CEO of Subscribili, along with her co-founder Joe Brown, join Gary to talk about how dentists can offer a discount subscription plan to give patients more treatment options and make it easier for them to pay for the care they need.
Alex Cherniavsky, co-owner of Blue Ridge Dentistry, talks with Gary about how their partnership has achieved a 15:1 ROI on marketing — plus how to use trackable.io, the first-ever dental CRM that links to your PMS, as a cheat code for your growth.
Dee Fischer, CEO of Fischer’s Professional Group, talks with Gary about how big DSOs are evolving in 2024, why boosting internal capacity can create more powerful revenue growth than adding locations, and how you can get smarter about using patient financing to close cases.

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