Melinda Heryford, founder of Practice Management Consulting, joins Gary to talk about why so many dentists struggle to grow, how setting the right KPIs is the key to achieving bigger goals, and what it takes to build a strong dental leadership team.
Paul Gruensfelder, VP of marketing for Select Dental Management, shares why practices need to focus on the patient journey as a whole, why more dentists should embrace email marketing, and how to start building your practice tech stack.
SMC’s director of marketing, Jack Meyers, returns to the show to talk about why many practices experienced a noticeable slowdown during Q4, plus how ambitious dentists can capitalize on their competitors closing their doors for the holidays.
Teresa Duncan, president of Odyssey Management, talks with Gary about why internal marketing is making a comeback, how tactics like doctor follow-up calls generate more referrals, and why more dentists are moving out of network with insurance.
Dr. Ingrid Murra, founder and CEO of Two Front, talks with Gary about why clear aligners are a massive growth opportunity for dentists, plus how her company helps make it simple for GPs to offer aligners to their patients.
Lindsey Holt, marketing director at Singing River Dental Partners, talks about how she helped grow her DSO from one location to 10 in just five years, plus the advantages of sticking with a single brand and how to add de novos into the mix.

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