Dr. Ben Friberg, founder of Thrive Family Dental, shares how he’s successfully taken on corporate dental in a crowded market, why team morale directly affects patient happiness, and why giving love, dignity, and respect are essential to growth.
D’vora Biderman, former office manager of Metropolitan Dental Arts, talks about how her group achieved an almost 14:1 marketing ROI, how to lower marketing costs in a highly competitive market, and why boosting phone conversion is essential to growth.
Are you struggling to stand out in the crowded online space for dental practices? It’s time to change that! Join us for a FREE webinar where industry experts Gary Bird and Eddie Tyshkevich will unravel the mysteries of SEO tailored specifically for dentistry, powered by AI. Learn why your current SEO efforts might not be hitting the mark and discover essential strategies to skyrocket your practice’s visibility in search engine results. From avoiding common pitfalls to leveraging the latest AI techniques, this webinar is packed with actionable insights and real-life case studies.
Geoff Roche, marketing director at Dental Arts Group, shares how he’s managed 40% growth for his 13 locations, what practices need to do to lay the foundation for marketing success, and the biggest marketing struggles his group has overcome.
Watch this special anniversary episode to learn 10 of the most valuable things our guests shared this year, including how to solve same-day cancellations, generate 100s of Google reviews, and turn new patients into long-term regulars.
Dr. Larry J Moray, founder of MyOrthodontist, talks with Gary about why getting the right people in the right seats is the key to building a dental group, how AI is changing dental, and why despite some successful years, Smile Direct Club ultimately failed.

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